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One Hell of a Ride by Lou Federico

A Lifetime Spent Building Things

Cross  where vagabundo diedOvercoming the odds could well be the theme of Lou Federico's life. And that's exactly the story you will find in Lou Federico's One Hell of a Ride. Join Lou as he beat the odds and built 5-star hotels in the sands of the wild and primitive Baja desert.

Baja provides a romantic, adventurous backdrop for Lou's ventures, and is, in a real sense, a character in the book, but the proof of the pudding is in Lou's tenacity and the splendor of his magnificent resorts.

Lou Federico was born in Denver, Colorado, on March 12, 1925. His book, One Hell of a Ride, was written in part because his immediate family knew little about him and more distant relatives even less. Lou would have liked to have known more about his own father, and he wanted to prevent these circumstances from occurring with his own children. While he prefers tennis, fly-fishing, and bird hunting with his English pointers to writing, a fact he makes clear in his book, Lou is glad he took the time to write his story in One Hell of a Ride.

One Hell of a Ride is a tale about one man's love for his family and the great outdoors, as well as his willingness to undertake a seemingly infinite series of challenges. From Denver to Italy to Brooklyn to San Jose to Manila to Baja, Lou Federico has had one hell of a ride. Having formed the Golden Ram Sportsman Club, he lived with his wife, Lana, in Folsom, California, where he ventured into the fields each fall with his hunting dogs until he passed away on July 21, 2010.